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Individual Dental & Vision Plans

If your employer doesn’t offer group dental or vision insurance, we offer individual plans to cover you and your family. Follow the steps below to search plans and providers in your area:


To view a VISION plan from VSP or DAVIS VISION or compare a variety of DENTAL insurance or discount plans from carriers such as Nationwide, Renaissance, and Careington:

Use this link then enter:

  • Zip code
  • Date of birth
  • Desired effective date
  • Select “Get Free Quotes”
  • Select the DENTAL or VISION tab
  • Select “View Details” to learn more about a plan
  • Select “Find Provider” to find a network provider and save on out of pocket costs.
  • Check the box in the upper right corner of 2 or 3 plans then select “Compare Plans”
  • If you find a plan you like, select “Buy Now”

For DENTAL plans from Spirit with NO WAITING PERIODS:

Use this link then:

  • Select YOU, YOU+1, or FAMILY
  • Enter your zip
  • Select “Instant Quote”
  • To learn more, select “Find dentist” or “View Plan Details”
  • If you find a plan you like, select an effective date and “Enroll Now”

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