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January 20, 2017

How Will Election Results Affect Insurance Coverage?

The federal election results have many people wondering about the fate of the Affordable Care Act and the effect changes will have on insurance coverage.  The “repeal and replace” mantra and promises to act quickly may be catchy sound bites, but the reality will likely be “repeal and delay” or a series of small changes in the law. It’s safe to say that nothing will change immediately since insurance companies file their plans months in advance, and many in congress have pledged not to make disruptive changes to the insurance market.  The changes won’t be retroactive, and there will be time for insurance companies to re-design their plans to meet changing regulations and for us to plan for those changes. We’ll keep our clients informed and help to sort out the new options as they come.  In the meantime, all regulations are still in effect, and groups with 50+ employees should still follow reporting requirements!

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